Our Philosophy

At little sunshine, you are joining a community of professionals who are dedicated not only to each individual child within our care, but to their families also. Without open, honest communication that travels freely between home and school, meeting the needs of the “whole child” can never truly be realized.

We are not here simply to teach, for that practice can be found in any educationally based facility, we strive instead to be an anchor of support to the family unit; to be the primary collaborator in unlocking the magic that is childhood, enabling the special gifts within every child to flourish while simultaneously meeting the needs of that child emotionally, socially, creatively, physically, and of course cognitively.

Simply stated, we are staunch advocates for children and this special time that is the dawn of life. Within our walls children will flourish in an environment that offers developmentally appropriate practices while never underestimating the need for and the power of a secure, loving atmosphere. Upon enrolling at Little Sunshine Childcare, you are entering into a commitment with an establishment that believes whole heartedly, into each life, sunshine must fall; we would like to be the primary source of that shine for you and yours.

Young children are explorers, investigators, scientists — trying to make sense of their world through interactions with the environment, adults and other children. They are active learners, continuously incorporating new information with that which they already know. Therefore, everything is the child’s curriculum; every experience, conversation, and observation, whether purposefully planned or inadvertent, is influential.

Children need nurturing adults who understand child development and truly enjoy and respect children. They deserve specially educated teachers who value this unique stage of life and are dedicated to helping each child become an independent, life-long learner–teachers who will provide a safe community where social skills are practiced, risks can be taken, and self esteem flourishes. 

Children deserve teachers that respect the value of and safeguard every child’s right to play. Play is the very core of children’s learning and accordingly, our curriculum. Young children develop with predictable sequence, but at their own pace, making each child an individual with a distinct personality, temperament and learning style. Children must be respected for who they are today, without undue pressure to get ready for who they may be tomorrow.

Learning activities, planned from children’s interests, provide meaningful experiences that build knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Young children come to us with their families, who are their primary teachers and caregivers, bringing diverse cultures, beliefs and practices, which must be respected.