The Sunshine Experience

Little Sunshine Childcare is not just a child care, we are a unique childcare located in North Hollywood within Los Angeles County. Our programs build active minds, healthy bodies and happy hearts every single day. We invite you to take a tour at Little Sunshine Childcare today and learn more about the Sunshine Experience.

Creative Learning

Children’s Interests


Daily Activities





A Positive Environment 

At Little Sunshine Childcare, we provide children with an environment that allows them to learn and grow as an individual, to give them access to a variety of programs that will give them the opportunity to excel.

We have built our program around the understanding that each child is unique and that we cater to the individuals, not just to groups. Our curriculum will constantly be evolving, as time passes our children will have the exposure to lessons that are relevant to what is going on in our world.

We place an equal amount of importance on keeping our center family oriented. In doing so, we create bonds with children and parents that last long past when they leave our program. By creating these bonds it allows us to give each child the tools they need to be successful.




A Learning Experience


It is truly amazing how much babies grow during their first year.

From the moment a baby is born they are ready to learn and it is up to both parents and caretakers to ensure they maximize each of the infant’s potential through stimulation.

Rocking, holding, feeding, singing, and playing are just a few of the ways we help your babies develop emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

Our teachers take the time to develop a special bond with your baby, which will allow them to understand the cue’s they are given.



And they're off! What a fun time for you and your little one, we know it feels like just yesterday they were newborns and spending most of the day sleeping, but now they are starting to develop a personality and are enthusiastic when it comes to discovering the world around them.

At Little Sunshine Childcare we want to make sure our toddlers are given the opportunity to safely explore the facility. We understand toddlers do not have a very long attention span; our teachers enjoy planning a variety of projects and games to encourage them to continue learning during their day with us. 


By the time your child approaches three years of age, he or she is ready to learn new skills. Our programs combine several different activities to develop critical-thinking skills and stimulate your child’s curiosity.

Little Sunshine Childcare is designed to encourage your child’s growing independence and need to investigate. Your child will engage in a range of activities geared to prepare them for kindergarten and life beyond.

Little Sunshine Childcare is equipped with the appropriate materials to channel your child’s natural sense of curiosity into educational exploration




Caring & Nurturing

One reason parents choose Little Sunshine Childcare is the assurance that they know they are leaving their children with qualified, caring professionals. Other than the recommendation of a friend, the next most important reason a parent chooses a particular childcare for their children is the quality and expertise of the staff. We recruit individuals who share our vision, values, love for children, and dedication to high-quality early childhood developement. We strive to commit to being at our personal and professional best each day because we realize we are role models for the children.

Our Values:

  • Integrity – Living with personal and professional honesty
  • Fairness – Treating others with respect
  • Social Responsibility – Giving without expecting
  • Enthusiasm – Serving with passion

Our Principles:

  • Approach each day with joy
  • Build trusted relationships
  • Connect with warmth and sincerity
  • Deliver the WOW experience