It is our intent to provide them with a safe, nurturing, stimulating environment that supports these goals for their learning and development:


To learn about themselves

  • To feel valued and secure in their relationships
  • To feel competent and proud about what they can do
  • To feel supported as they express their independence
  • To learn about their feelings
  • To communicate a broad range of emotions through gestures, sounds and over time, words
  • To express their feelings in appropriate ways

To learn about others

  • To develop trusting relationships with nurturing adults
  • To show interest in peers
  • To demonstrate caring and cooperation
  • To try roles and relationships through imitation and pretend play

To learn about Communicating

  • To express needs and thoughts by using words
  • To identify with a home language
  • To respond to verbal and nonverbal commands
  • To communicate through language

To learn about moving and doing

  • To develop gross motor skills
  • To develop fine motor skills
  • To coordinate eye and hand movements
  • To develop self-help skills

To acquire thinking skills

  • To gain an understanding of basic concepts and relationships
  • To apply knowledge to new situations
  • To develop strategies for solving problems

Throughout the day the Little Sunshine's schedule includes experiences and activities designed to encourage social-emotional, physical, language, cognitive and creative learning and development, in a natural and playful manner.